Why is Core different?

Product Overview

Core is not a video conferencing platform. Core is not ‘a bit like Teams and those things’. Core is
not a plug to tide you over until you can get back to ‘proper’ events. Core is a fully integrated immersive experience, drawing delegates, sponsors and exhibitors into an engaging live broadcast and enabling them to reach out to each other, connecting digitally like never before.

15 years of event management experience

Our trusted project management team will guide you through the sometimes intimidating process of moving events to a virtual space. They’ll start by focusing on your objectives and will make sure each event is tailored to your unique needs.



We have spent the last months locked in our houses researching the best components part of all available platforms, pinching the best bit and stitching them into our core demo. BUT that is not it, what makes our platform best for YOU is that we build it just for YOU. We don’t ask your square peg to fit into our round hole. We build you a square hole.



I mean this is the game changer. You have watched a million webinars. You have seen the speaker fumbling for the next button, faffing with their slides, struggling to read the questions. You have gone and made a cup of tea, bought something off Amazon and forgotten what you
were watching. You Have! We all have. Why? Because an online presentation done badly is worse than awful. What we do is create slick broadcast, we vision mix, we create a programme, we won’t let you leave because you will be too damn into. The tech lets us do it but the broadcast acumen lets us make the most of it.


Preparation, planning & performance

You need this to be seamless. You need this event to be a massive success, there is loads riding on it. Please try and stay calm. We have got this. We have got decades worth of experience of running events, we will take care of everything in advance, on the day and hey even when it is over by providing you with the most MIND BLOWNG amount of stats you have ever seen.


That’s all good but what can it actually do?