Talk to me about what it can do…

Core allows you to create an exhibition, conference, product launch, break out session and more. Hold 1-2-1 appointments and broadcast content in a beautifully designed, simple to use online venue

Other features…

What is it What is it for? Why is it good
Register Yes you can register. We can take details of your delegates to any level of detail you require, shoe size, the lot. We can take payment and allocate that to the event budget or charity as required. We can of course disable this, but if you are looking to use the full extent of the networking functionality then a comprehensive registration will allow for delegate bios so they know something about one another before launching into a hey howaya
Login Just like at a normal event you need to know people are there. Our login is essentially your front desk. Hugely useful for testing take up following registration, the two numbers always vary. Helpful to measure engagement against logged in delegates, and can also used to take cash from tardy payers.
Whose on now We want to know who we are watching and we are very likely to forget We can add loads of credibility to a speaker with serious bios, and LinkedIn profiles. We can also increase engagement with some lighter more human content which will also help the speaker be as natural as possible
Whose on next We need to know whether it is a good time to make a cup of tea or not See above.
Chat Fire up a text chat with any attendee You decide who talks to who, if they can see other delegates and start a chat, or speakers or sponsors, can they head off for an impromptu one to one or a round table. Up to you.
Poll Offer insight, provide prompts to speakers, enhance interaction. Think of the feedback! The speaker sparks of the delegates, the delegates feel they are contributing. It is a genuine 2nd screen experience. See also Likes.
Breakout Room More intimate than the main stage a smaller group, allowing for a tighter interactions and more audience involvement You can self administer these, and the speaker can self host, or we can turn on the bells and whistles just as we would on the main stage, depends on the content and and budget
Ask a question Get involved with speaker and put your hand up to ask a question or drop a question to be moderated, keep it
Such a powerful tool for keeping the delegate hooked, once you have submitted you are not leaving until you have heard it answered. A skilled event moderator will remove the wheat from the chaff and clean things up before pushing it to the speaker dashboard. So we don’t get that awful fumbling about
Presentation remote A very cool piece of kit that means the speaker can communicate with the event production team Seamless this is the grease that means a smoother than smooth production. The speaker asks and production delivers next slide, split screen , feed me a question, they ask we deliver .
Screening room A place to browse stuff. Any pre recorded content can be stuffed away here, videos or downloads it is up to you. Background on speakers, sponsor information, event information. It can also be used to house recordings of previous speakers, either in realtime or post event. Again your choice.
Group Chat Networking! This is the achilles heel of the online event, how do you get that water cooler, elevator and if I hand’t gone out that night I would never have met her vibe? Impromptu text chat leading to 2nd date video chat, that’s how. Want to do a 3 way, come on in, the waters lovely. Welcome to the future.
Round table More networking! See above but in a more organised, the bosses organised this kind of way.
Data dashboard Feedback, metrics, self flagelation I mean this is so good. Every move on line is tracked right, so every single output of this event is measurable. Numbers of attendees, watch minutes, questions asked, polls submitted, votes recorded, group chats started, sponsor meetings held. All of it is down on paper and awaiting your assessment.
Speaker Dashboard Helping the speaker Lots of functionality here to help the speaker get on with speaking. Ease of access to moderated questions, direct line to the event team. We aim to make it as easy for them as possible
Likes & Dislikes Approving or disapproving obviously Like on Facebook innit. Hugely important to satisfy your delegates dopamine craving and let that speaker know what you really think *can be disabled if all a bit dystopian for your tastes*