What about production?

This is the secret sauce. The thing that will raise the oos and the aahs from your delegates. The
production is the differentiator. Seamless transitions between speakers, spliced with motion graphics and slick segways. In screen vision mixing creating panel sessions, without the
hopping about of whose in view, split screens with presentations, shared screens, pre recorded content. Each presentation is a production of its own. We work hard pre event to make the content fit the tech capability and maximise the engagement levels, the viewablility and ensure an immersive experience.. We can provide fully event branded mike and camera kits to all speakers, and staging to add to the professional feel. It is all up to you and that all important budget.

What about a hybrid?

We love a hybrid. We create a TV show of your event from the site of the broadcast, but we are not limited by how many people we can get in a room We can broadcast your amazing content to as many people as you want. Or don’t want. Your call. Totally.

Seriously though a hybrid event gives us that little bit more control that delivers a huge amount of benefit to the quality of the output.

Okay, but how are you going to replace getting drunk at the bar?

Come on you’re better than that. Oh, you aren’t. Neither are we. Well luckily there is loads you can do. What about running entertainment through Core, a magician, a comedian, a band. You could offer a Yoga room for people who wanted to go and relax without leaving the platform. You can have food and drinks delivered to delegates houses. What about a quiz? Oh God know not another quiz. Ok not a quiz. But you get the idea. It is not the tech or the lack of bar that is holding you back, it is a lack a of imagination. Have a drink, that will help.

We have got loads of sponsors, some pay a bit some pay a lot? What about them?

It is our firmly held belief that we can deliver a sponsor more value for less hassle and less wasted time at a digital event that we can at a real one. We can reduce tyre kickers with pre booked, vetted appointments. We can introduce scale as they can host impromptu or planned
product demonstrations. They can seek hot leads from the roster of delegates and request a one to one. We are bringing your world together under one virtual roof and we are plumbing together all of the comms channels required so your sponsors and exhibitors can get to as many of the people they want to and as few of the people they don’t.

This all sounds like a lot of work? Who will sort it all out?

It is a good question. It is all about event planning. Just as at a physical event there are lots of moving parts and the team at Core are the experts it sewing it all together. We will brief the speakers, get the camera loving them, we will build the sponsor stands, organise the ticket sales, create the assets, fine tune the agenda, ensure the day delivers, collate the stats, we will
place it squarey on our heads and shoulders. If you want to licence the platform for a year, but the events are different in their make up we will work with you to cut down on configuration costs between events, working smarter on running order of events where possible, utilising functionality across events will all help. One size never fits all but it might get close.

Okay, I get it, but how much will it cost?

A bit. Some certainly. A fraction of your physical event. What are you doing on the floor?